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Touring with the ‘Gray Line’

Touring with the ‘Gray Line’

The Gray Line offered convenience with a touch of class to riding comfort.

The Gray Line provided convenience with a touch of course to riding comfort.

Some of the most opulent cars produced by male had been the carriers of the rich and adventuresome. We could elaborate on the virtues of Pierce-Arrows, Packards and endearing Peerless cars with tailor made workmanship. We could linger on the particular-buy designs for Cadillac and Lincoln, Stearns and Stutz, and a rafter of other names that have traced the progression of motoring. We would furthermore pontificate on the benefits exquisitely executed by specialty style and design houses of absolute character. We could imagine the a single-offs, real sole creations and exceptional survivors covetously gathered now. We could insert the multi-million-dollar motorcars that furthered the result in of motor creation. Even if we pointed out all these, we would even now be remiss by neglecting point out of the premier stylish customs ever to acquire to the road.