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Special-edition orange Toyota Supra not coming to Australia

Special-edition orange Toyota Supra not coming to Australia

It might be the most famous colour associated with the Supra, but this is believed to be the first example of Toyota’s sports-car icon ever to leave the factory in orange.

A limited-run Toyota Supra has been announced for Japan in recent days, named the 2023 Toyota GR Supra Plasma Orange 100 Edition – but it is not planned for Australia.

To celebrate the milestone of building 100 of its GR Supra GT4 racing cars, Toyota is releasing the Plasma Orange 100 Edition – complete with matte black forged aluminium wheels, black brake callipers, black Alcantara and leather seats, a plaque, and a special orange paint job.

While arguably the most famous Toyota Supra of all time is the orange movie car from The Fast & The Furious, the Plasma Orange 100 Edition is thought to be the first time Toyota has ever offered the colour on the Supra from the factory.

Toyota has confirmed the limited-edition Supra is being offered to the Japanese market only, and won’t make it to Australia.

However, Australia buyers can now option a manual transmission when ordering a new Supra, and reports out of Japan claim there are plans for a high-performance GRMN Supra this year or next.

The unverified reports suggest the flagship Supra will borrow the BMW M4’s 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine and transmission, with up to 375kW.

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