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Old Ford Ranchero makes for an entertaining weekend at Lemons

Old Ford Ranchero makes for an entertaining weekend at Lemons

It is usually terrific when I get an email from Tim. You know, Mad Science himself. Also regarded as the co-founder of this in this article internet site. That’s simply because it’s generally about racing at Lemons. So I’m swift to react with a “hell yes” and then assume about the race even nevertheless it is a thirty day period or potentially months out. But this previous weekend, it was race time. And the tale is a familiar one loaded with a several curse words, lots of fluids on the floor, and an complete blast of a time spent at a very hot, dusty racetrack in the center of nowhere zone of California.

Our “race car” is a 1963 Ford Ranchero. It’s run by a 250 cubic-inch straight 6 which is backed up by a 4-velocity manual gearbox. This time around, we had been enthusiastic because the engine was building sturdy ability, sounded wonderful, and was ready to rock. So completely ready, in truth, that on the Friday test day right before racing, we resolved to dyno the car. And the outcomes were being significantly superior than envisioned. Per the Buttonwillow dyno, the Ranchero was doling out 140 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque, and that’s at the wheels.

lemons dyno chart

Our smiles faded, however, as some on-monitor screening unveiled the familiar jangling of decrease-conclusion lurking catastrophe. Instead of functioning it to see what happens, Tim and the other truly good wrenches on our workforce set to operate making an attempt to see what was erroneous. We have been roasting rod bearings which means accurate failure was imminent. Thankfully, this time we introduced a backup engine. So cue the flurry of applications, sections, and orders, and someday later, we had the second motor prepared to run. But this just one would hold temps fantastic at idle, but any load and it would begin to operate the temps up.

Our assumption was a head gasket difficulty. Tim made a decision to torque things down more aggressively and then dump a bunch of Blue Satan gasket sealer into the cooling process. This just about seemed to function, but out on keep track of, the temps arrived back again up. I was on monitor as the car or truck begun to climb to 240 levels. I could get it to fall into the 230 zone by easing off, but that is not what you want on the keep track of. So we pulled the vehicle back again in with the purpose of swapping the other head onto the car or truck.

gross radiator water at lemons

This signifies Saturday turned a comprehensive-on wrenching day. But the new head produced it more than, temps ended up great after we totally flushed the crap out of the radiator, and we ended up all set for Sunday. Or so we imagined. With cooling no more time an concern, the automobile begins to wrestle with its air/gasoline ratio. We run a Holly Sniper setup, so I can basically see the numbers whilst out on observe. It need to be around 12, but it was running super lean at 35 or so at situations, and the vehicle would struggle for power. It looks our gas cell may well have a pickup stage concern for some rationale. Simply because we were equipped to “fix” the concern by fully topping off the cell and jogging for a though right until the A/F issue would return. No matter, this shift stored us working the rest of the day, and we bought the total staff of motorists by the auto.

fueling at lemons

In simple fact, I took the wheel to finish out the weekend, and I put above two several hours guiding the wheel to carry the auto in under the checkered flag. The latter part of the operate was a lesson in directional administration to consider and mitigate gasoline starvation problems, but it was nonetheless a blast. I acquired the vehicle savored still left turns considerably a lot more than appropriate turns, and I did my greatest to clean out the legal rights. I was also preventing overheating front brakes, but I was smiling the complete time. Lemons is generally one of my preferred weekends of the 12 months, even when 50 % of it is hoping the car both holds alongside one another or comes again jointly so we can flip laps.

One ultimate be aware about the weekend is that I eventually got to test out the new Go Quick Campers tent on the roof of the Montero. I’m pleased to report that it was supremely relaxed, and I’ll dive into that a little bit a lot more in a different post.

montero with gfc rooftop tent