January 29, 2023

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Nissan Titan Will Soon be Dropped

Automotive News reports that Nissan may soon drop the Titan and Titan XD full-size trucks from its lineup. Citing a source with knowledge of Nissan’s plans, AN says that the Titan and Titan XD are expected to be built until the end of calendar year 2024, but there are currently no teams working on a replacement. As it stands, 2024 might be the last model year for Nissan’s modest workhorse.

Titan struggled to break into full-size pickup market

Millions of buyers jumped into a new large pickup truck in 2021. Ford moved more than 700,000 F-Series models last year, while Ram and Chevrolet each sold over 500,000 units of their respective light- and heavy-duty trucks. On the surface, robust sales and high profit margins for these pickups make the segment attractive for newcomers.

That was the thinking that led to the Nissan Titan, a full-size truck that aimed to beat Ford, Ram and GM at their own game. Things haven’t worked out for the Titan, however. A redesign in 2016 brought much-needed changes — along with the slightly heavier-duty Titan XD — but the burly truck faced an uphill battle even then. Perhaps anticipating low sales numbers, Nissan offered the Titan in just a handful of configurations, and though its standard V8 provided plenty of power, it wasn’t suitable for all buyers. (The more expensive Titan XD also offered a pricey diesel engine for a few years.)

Then there was pressure from the outside. The public’s entrenched loyalty to domestic automakers was a major hindrance for the Titan, as was the relative superiority of other trucks on the market. Sales peaked in 2017 at just under 53,000 and have been sliding ever since. Figures were so low, in fact, that Nissan already pulled the Titan from the Canadian market after the 2021 model year.

The Titan and Titan XD are decent trucks, but neither is a standout in the hotly contested full-size pickup class. The domestic automakers are involved in a high-stakes competition and frequently update their trucks to gain an edge. Without much support from the general public and a lack of commitment from corporate, the Titan and Titan XD were always destined to fall by the wayside.

Edmunds says

The Nissan Titan and Titan XD will likely be discontinued over the next couple of years. A number of significant challenges made the trucks a tough sell since their inception.