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Mazda To Release CX-60 Diesel For UK Market, Despite Diesel Sales Plummeting

Mazda To Release CX-60 Diesel For UK Market, Despite Diesel Sales Plummeting

By Chris Ward, Oct 23, 2022

I never pretty have an understanding of or even know the commitment powering Mazda’s selection to introduce a diesel variant of the CX-60 SUV for the Uk due to the fact I really do not even imagine Mazda realize what they are undertaking. Mazda is contacting its new 3.3-litre straight-six diesel motor “clean” which is not much too dissimilar to the time when President Donald Trump referred to American fossil fuels as “clean coal”. No one with a scintilla of popular feeling thought Donald Trump then, so why really should I believe that Mazda now when they gaslight alongside the identical traces as Trump?

But Mazda further more proceeds to rubber-stamp the lunacy, they go on to say that the e-Skyactive D Diesel motor functions an all-new “clean burn” combustion know-how, its the “cleanest diesel motor in the world”… Man, they come appropriate out of a comedian e book. Does Mazda actually consider the motoring journalist community is thick more than enough to consider this pile of bile? of program not.

So Mazda, armed with its PR war chest, resolved to buy the belief of motoring journalists by sending them on an all-expenses compensated journey to an exotic place to road-take a look at the CX-60. And they bragged about it on Twitter. In actuality, it’s all cleanse-burn off bullshit. Mazda is gaslighting and misinforming appropriate in your encounter running brazenly in simple sight with no any pushback.

It is incredibly effortless to purchase the media for the reason that journalism does not exist anymore. The skilled journalists go to journalism faculty to study how to lie. And when Mazda propagates a myth these types of as “clean burn off diesel” there is an endless line of motoring journalists jetting back from an all-expense paid out Mazda push start only way too ready to sow the seeds of a properly-orchestrated PR marketing campaign.

For automotive suppliers, motoring journalists are at the prime of the info-pushed functionality marketing funnel. But you don’t need details-driven metrics to see the stupidity of “clean burn” diesel engines for the reason that no fossil gas can at any time deliver a thoroughly clean burn off, it is theoretically and technically not possible.

So let’s chuckle it off and dwell it up, let’s overlook the fact that sales of new diesel cars continue on to slide in the British isles. Mazda can generally remind the savvy automobile-buying punter that the deck chairs continue to be on the Titanic and that the compact iceberg in the length poses no risk at all.

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