February 9, 2023

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About ten yrs in the past I observed this elegance of an orange Blazer at a car present in Durham termed Serious Invasion.

Of all the cars at that function it&#8217s the just one I imagine about most to this day.

I&#8217m a Blazer nut and if you observe the web site you know this. Of all of the Blazers to ever occur out of Ontario this truck is in my impression one of the very best.

Heck, I&#8217d even go as significantly as to say it&#8217s 1 of the most effective S trucks to appear out of Ontario interval.

Later on I found out the truck was owned by Sean Johnston by means of Mike McConnell who took these pics at Toronto&#8217s Motorama.

Even now, looking at photographs of the truck my belief has not changed. It&#8217s particularly effectively performed, and the modifications have withstood the test of time.

On the other hand just lately &#8211by way of the awesome Minitruckin, The place Are They Now?&#8211 group on Fb I uncovered anything that blew my mind. This orange edition of the truck is not its very first, or even next glimpse. It&#8217s the third.

The truck was at first teal and purple the initially time it debuted. The glance is definitive 80s/90s minitruckin&#8217

Evidently there was also a purple edition in between this a person and the orange just one, which was when the truck was to start with bagged, but right before it was entire body dropped.

Sean still has the truck, creeping up on thirty years now, and the photo above is the last time it was out.

I hope to be able to have a identical journey with my have truck, Task Why Hold out, when it&#8217s completed.

Very long standing associations with autos is this kind of a uncommon matter these days and this truck is damn in the vicinity of excellent.