September 24, 2023

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Here’s What The Gotham Garage Crew Drives In 2022

Here’s What The Gotham Garage Crew Drives In 2022

Netflix’s incredibly successful show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches follows the Gotham Garage crew as they overhaul a bevy of cars, trucks, and motorcycles and turn them into outlandish yet credible projects. Based out of California, the crew of Mark Towle, Tony Quinones, Constance Nunes, Shawn Pilot, and Michael ‘Caveman’ Pyle come together to make memorable and unforgettable vehicles, and by extension, episodes.

Along with the show, the main crew of the Gotham Garage has also built quite a reputation for themselves, amplified by a platform as global as Netflix. Each crew member commands a respectable social media following, and the Gotham Garage itself has amassed a solid following on Instagram, with almost half a million followers.

While the fourth season of Car Masters is yet to be announced, the crew has become quite famous in the industry over the course of the three successful seasons the show has done. Even though they work on cool cars, day in and day out, especially on the Netflix show, what the crew of the Gotham Garage drives is not featured as heavily. Thus, if you’re wondering what these creative automotive minds actually have in their own garages and driveways, read on.

8 Mark Towle: Late 1969 Mustang

If there’s anyone who can make something truly unique out of a car that has been modded for over half a century now, it’s definitely Mark Towle. A classic Mustang is a car that has seen possibly every single modification out there, but Towle has come up with something different for his Pony.

Towle’s 1969 Mustang is a heavily modified version of the classic with black paint and angry red stripes, which gives off powerful and robust vibes, and it’s quite certain that any modern Mustang couldn’t possibly look like this. Adding to the look is the spiderweb that decorates the front grille, which has become something of a hallmark of a Mark Towle customization. He has also put up the Gotham Garage logo front and center, with huge rims on the car.

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7 Tony Quinones: 1972 Volvo P1800

Tony Quinones certainly has a particular interest in electrifying old cars, and from the looks of it, the man has a penchant for the same. Quinones had been working on his 1972 Volvo P1800 for two years, in between the usual outlandish builds seen on Car Masters.

Early in 2022, Quinones finally managed to finish the electric P1800, and it is finally on the road. Outfitted with dual Hyper9 motors, a 3-speed transmission, and a 180V Tesla Battery Pack, the car has a custom suspension with Wilwood brakes, and the opened and flared rear fenders speak for themselves. Painted in the Ferrari Abu Dhabi Blue color, the P1800 is as much a neck-turner as it is green!

6 Constance Nunes: Audi A5

It is clear that Constance Nunes is the most popular among the Gotham Garage crew, with a million followers on Instagram, which is over half a million more than the show itself. She is most renowned for her Ford ‘Babystang’, which is a 1964.5 Mustang that she regularly customizes as she pleases. However, she is also known to have a soft spot for Audi.

Perhaps the biggest testament to Constance’s admiration for German engineering is the fact that she has chosen to keep her Audi A5 coupe completely stock. This being Constance Nunes who lives and breathes car modifications, it’s clear that she definitely loves her Audi A5 enough to keep it stock. However, a quick glimpse at her Instagram comments would show how even her fans prefer her inside American muscle.

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5 Shawn Pilot: The ‘Vette Kart’

Shawn Pilot’s extremely-modified Corvette Z51 is perhaps the most outlandish car here on this list. Dubbed the ‘Vette Kart,’ it is a completely stripped-out Corvette done completely in black and red, where the plush red leather seats complement the red highlights and bars of the car.

Even the rims are done in bright red, ensuring the Vette Kart remains two-tone throughout. With huge tires that look like they’ve come off straight of a dune buggy. Auxiliary lights also adorn the naked B-pillar of the Vette Kart. What’s even more outlandish, yet quite on-brand for Quinones is that he calls the Vette Kart his ‘grocery-getter.’

4 Constance Nunes: Ford BrickNose Farm Truck

Another Ford in her garage, Constance certainly likes her old and classic Blue Oval cars. She is often seen driving around in her Ford Bricknose truck, which was a series of Ford pickups developed between 1987 and 1991.

Nunes prefers calling it ‘the farm truck,’ and from the looks of her social media profile, she certainly loves climbing up into the bed of the truck a lot more than she does spending time behind its wheel. The Bricknose has had body work done on it by none other than Constance herself, and while her Mustang is always the most heavily featured online, her Farm Truck isn’t too far off.

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3 Tony Quinones: Electric Ford Pinto

Again, electrifying a classic car is Tony Quinones, who took a Ford Pinto and turned it electric. Quinones stated that he wished to build something from the ground up with an electric drive train, and before the Volvo, it was the Pinto. Tony put tons of time into the specs and research of the Pinto, and it was only in 2020 that he finally managed to build the electric Pinto.

“I’m not trying to save the world. I just want to haul ass with a clean conscience!” he wrote on Instagram, showing off his electric Ford Pinto. It is clear that Quinones truly loves to build electric-drivetrain cars, and the Pinto would ensure he remains green in style.

2 Constance Nunes: 1964.5 Mustang ‘Babystang’

Here is the car that everybody knows. Almost synonymous with Constance Nunes herself, is her 1964.5 Mustang, which, in itself, is one of the most legendary muscle cars of all time, and the reason for her love for muscle cars in general.

Constance prides herself on having bought it herself at the age of 16 by saving up and getting it shipped to her father’s garage, who himself was a car mechanic and amateur driver. Constantly tuning and modifying her Babystang, Constance loves working on it tirelessly, and will probably never stop, such is her love for the car as well as her craft. RELATED: Here’s What Constance Nunes Did Before Car Masters: Rust To Riches

1 Michael ‘Caveman’ Pyle: Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob

Michael Pyle, known as Caveman, who is undoubtedly the funniest character on the show and also the liveliest, leads a rather private life, not too keen on having his family under the spotlight he holds owing to the success of the Netflix show. Looking at Caveman, it makes perfect sense for him to prefer two-wheel motorcycles to cars, and as such, Caveman, on his Instagram, focuses on his motorcycle only.

Sure, a celebrity like him would definitely have a car, for, at the very least, driving the family around, but one would quickly observe how proud he is of his Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob, which he lovingly calls ‘Linda’. Pyle often goes on rides with fellow bikers and loves showing off Linda to the world.