February 8, 2023

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Great motorcycles for hobbyists and kids alike

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Whether you’re a kid with dreams of going fast or an adult who’s looking to cruise around town, these motorcycle rides have the wheels you’re looking for. Motorcycles are very popular, not just in America but all around the world. In some countries, they’re the most common form of transportation thanks to their affordability, and in many other places, they’re used recreationally for racing and similar activities. Motorcycles boast a lot of power, making them very fast despite their smaller size.

If you want to see just what motorcycles can do, then this list has you covered. We’ll be taking a look at all kinds of motorcycles, from toy motorcycles for kids to mini-cycles to full-blown, adult-sized bikes. Read on to see if any of these bikes are right up your alley.

Top motorcycles of 2022 reviewed in detail

X-Pro 2021 Dirt Bike: Our Pick 

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While the rest of the bikes on this list are somewhat gimmicky and limited in how they can be ridden, this one’s the closest you can get to an actual motorcycle.

The Hawk 250 dirt bike by X-Pro has all the bells and whistles that make it a full-fledged dirt bike, and for its price of $1,770, you’re getting a lot of value from a bike this advanced.

The bike comes with a Bluetooth speaker system that will let you blast your favorite tunes as you ride, and also includes a phone holder so you can make sure your phone stays safe. Finally, the large tires of this bike make it so that it can handle the roughness of dirt and other uneven terrains. This is the only adult-sized bike on our list, and a good choice if you’re looking for a solid dirt bike at a solid price.


  • Full-sized dirt bike
  • Great value for what’s included
  • Easy to use clutch


FRP 40cc 4-Stroke Pocket Bike: Another great option

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Pocket bikes work just like regular bikes, except on a smaller scale.

These types of bikes may not be allowed on public roads, but they’re great for both hobbyists and kids with an interest in motorcycles. The bike is designed to look sleek and fast, and while its max speed is only around 20 mph, that’s more than enough for the likes of someone learning the ropes of motorcycles.

This bike comes in three different colors, red, orange, and white, and can be ridden by adults as well as children. It’s important to note, though, that this bike is not recommended for weights above 165 lbs, and exceeding this limit could potentially damage the bike and cause injury. At over $300 it’s probably not worth the risk, no matter how fun zipping around on this pocket bike might look.


  • Great for hobbyists and kids
  • Strong brake system
  • EPA approved bike


  • Strict weight limit of 165 lbs

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket: Also consider

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Dirt biking is a kind of biking that takes place in rugged terrain and dirt tracks and courses.

It’s exhilarating, and you’ll find yourself jumping off slopes, making heavy turns, and performing all sorts of maneuvers that wouldn’t be possible on asphalt. This 350-watt dirt bike is a great way to introduce your kids to the sport at an early age if you want to get them behind the wheel and riding alongside you.

This bike is available in green, black, or white, and can either be shipped in parts or assembled for an added fee. Assembly costs $100, nearly a third of the bike’s actual price, but unless you know how to put it together yourself you might want to leave that to an expert.


  • Powerful chain-driven motor
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Multiple color choices


Costzon Kids Ride on Chopper Motorcycle: Stylish pick

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Chopper bikes are kind of like the muscle cars of the motorcycle world, and they both look and sound amazing.

While your child can’t ride a full-sized chopper yet, you can instead get them started on this toy chopper that mimics the look and feel of the real thing without any of the dangers that real choppers present.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that this bike actually comes with three wheels instead of two. This extra stability is a safety precaution that aims to keep your child safe, making sure they don’t fall over while riding, and this means the toy chopper doesn’t require a lot of practice to pilot, either. It also comes with a headlight that your little rider can use to feel like they’re king of the road (or king of the garage and front yard, in this case).


  • Authentic chopper design
  • Safe for children
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use


  • A little on the slow side

KID MOTORZ 12V Police Motorcycle: Easy-to-use

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With a maximum speed of 5 mph, this police bike may not be able to catch criminals quickly, but hopefully, your kids will have a fun time regardless.

Similar to other bikes this one is very safe to use, with three wheels to maintain balance at all times. The only way this bike will fall over is if it’s pushed, making it a great choice for parents with accident-prone little ones.

This bike comes with quite a few features for your child to play with, including a headlight, a hand accelerator, and hazard and signal lights, all of which are very important components that really drive home the feeling of piloting an actual police bike (pun intended). The side-view mirrors are a nice touch, and before you know it your child will be racing around and patrolling the neighborhood.


  • Various buttons and features
  • Easy to pilot
  • Extra storage in the rear


  • Cheap appearance despite its steep price

Finding your next motorcycle ride: A buyer’s guide

Motorcycles are one of the most convenient forms of transportation out there. Learn more about bikes in this brief buyer’s guide.

What are motorcycles?

A motorcycle is a vehicle powered by a motor that propels the driver forward using two wheels. The motorcycle can be turned in various directions by rotating the front wheel at various angles. Motorcycles come in various forms, with some offering convenience and ease of use while others offering power and speed instead.

Why are motorcycles so popular?

If you’ve ever seen footage of public roads in countries around the world, particularly those with a lower average income, you’ll find that a lot of people use motorcycles to get around. But why is that? Here are a few reasons why motorcycles are actually a lot more popular than you might think.

They’re cheap

The biggest factor that determines purchases in many parts of the world is price. No matter how badly you might want an item, if it’s out of your budget then it may as well not even exist. For a lot of people, however, motorcycles are cheap enough that they’re willing to put a sizable portion of their income toward owning one. Compared to getting a car or truck, either brand-new or secondhand, motorcycles are a far more affordable choice.

Once you have a motorcycle, you no longer have to rely on public transportation or rides from others. You can drive to places that might otherwise be difficult to commute to, travel during the early hours of the early morning, and even head home right away without having to wait at the bus stop. It offers a lot of convenience for its price, so many people are willing to save up for a motorcycle regardless of how much they make.

They’re compact

While cars generally offer better capacity and speed compared to motorcycles, motorcycles have the benefit of compactness. But what do we mean by that? Essentially, compactness refers to how easy it is to drive your motorcycle around compared to something like a car. You can easily ride a bike down small streets or fit multiple bikes inside a garage, whereas with a larger vehicle this might not be possible.

The compactness of a bike really comes into play, however, when you’re driving on public roads. A lot of motorcyclists enjoy weaving through traffic, and thanks to their small size they can easily get away with it. It’s obviously not recommended, and it can be dangerous for the rider and others on the road alike, but it is something worth remembering in the event of an emergency.

They’re easily customizable

When it comes to technology and mechanics, modding is popular with things that are complex enough to allow for a high degree of customizability while also being simple and accessible enough that anybody can get into the hobby. This is the case with motorcycles– while you can do a lot of things to personalize your vehicle, it doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to do so.

There are multiple ways to improve or modify your motorcycle. You could change the speaker system or add a phone holder, give it a new paint job, or slap on a couple of stickers, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can even get more technical and replace or remove certain parts of the bike if you have the know-how, or you’re willing to pay someone who does.

What should I consider when choosing a motorcycle ride?


Who’s going to be using the bike? For some, this might seem like a question with an obvious answer (myself), but many people give motorcycles as gifts to others, such as toy bikes to children or full-sized bikes to teens once they come of age. Knowing who you’re buying the bike for is a very simple, yet often overlooked, aspect of choosing a bike– if you’re told to buy a bike but don’t know who it’s for, you’ll find it difficult to make a good, informed decision.


Ideally, bikes shouldn’t be driven too fast in the first place. Bikes are much more dangerous than driving within the safety of a car, but many people love speedy bikes despite the risk they pose. If you’re an experienced rider, it can be pretty fun to zoom down a straight and empty road at high speeds, but make sure that you’re obeying local laws and taking proper safety precautions while doing so.

Types of motorcycle rides

Dirt bikes

Dirt bikes are motorcycles that specialize in off-road usage, and while they run fine on asphalt, their thick and textured wheels make them shine on dirt tracks. Depending on where you live it might be illegal to ride a dirt bike on public roads, so be sure to check local laws before considering a quick trip to the grocery store on the back of one.

Chopper bikes

Chopper bikes are large, loud bikes with short seats and tall handlebars. These bikes are a staple of American culture, however, you can find choppers in garages of biking enthusiasts all around the world. Chopper bikes can take a while to get used to, and some people might find them uncomfortable to ride due to the positioning of the seat and high handlebars.

Racing motorcycles

Racing motorcycles are motorcycles used in closed circuit racing, and these bikes are designed to be fast– really fast. They’re largely legal to own and drive around, and as long as you adhere to speed limits and traffic rules they’re like any other bike, just with a bit more horsepower.

Motorcycle Rides FAQs

Q: Are motorcycles safe for kids?

While motorcycles can only be legally driven by adults, there are child-sized bikes that kids can use to practice biking at a young age.

Q: Is it legal to modify a motorcycle?

This heavily depends on where you live. Some areas allow a certain degree of modification, whereas other parts of the world are far more strict.

Q: Can I drive my dirt bike on the road?

It is generally illegal to drive dirt bikes on roads, though this might change depending on where you live.