February 5, 2023

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Genesis mulls electric drop-top with X Convertible Concept

There are few electric convertibles of any brand or price range, but Genesis hinted that it may join this small group with a new concept car unveiled this week in Malibu California.

The Genesis X Convertible Concept shares its platform and powertrain with 2021’s Genesis X Concept electric luxury coupe and the Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept fastback unveiled earlier this year, but with a 2+2 hardtop convertible body style.

Genesis X Convertible concept

Genesis X Convertible concept

Proportions, with a long hood and dash-to-axle ratio reminiscent of traditional internal-combustion luxury cars, carry over from the two previous concepts, while quad headlights blend into an outline of Genesis’ signature grille in a manner similar to the X Speedium Coupe concept. But the convertible has a ducktail rear-end treatment and the aforementioned folding roof, which Genesis says incorporates transparent moon roofs to create a feeling of openness even when the roof is closed.

The interior is a tweaked X Speedium Coupe Concept’s cabin, which was first shown in August. The convertible has the same driver-oriented center console, which is angled away from the front passenger.

Genesis hasn’t confirmed production plans, but with so few electric convertibles planned, a production model based in the X Convertible would certainly stand out.

Genesis X Convertible concept

Genesis X Convertible concept

The Polestar O2 is one of very few electric convertibles that have been confirmed as production-bound, but it’s a smaller 2-seat roadster with a sportier aim.

Mini has hinted it might be working on an affordable one. Earlier this year it showed a one-off Mini Cooper SE Convertible, using the electric powertrain from the Cooper SE hatchback, but hasn’t offered any updates since then. VW has also suggested a convertible could be among the body styles in the works for its ID line of vehicles based on the MEB platform, teasing such a vehicle in 2021.

But Britain might offer the closest potential rival to a Genesis luxury convertible EV. Bentley has confirmed its first EV is arriving in 2026 after a one-year delay, and five years ago it did tease an all-electric convertible concept. That would also give Bentley a replacement for the current Continental GTC in its future all-electric lineup, so it does at least seem plausible.