February 9, 2023

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The previous couple of months, I have been considering about some forum additions to the HAMB. This weekend, I decided to quit thinking and begin doing… and right now, all those new community forums are dwell. Here’s a brief operate down:

The “Other Events” Discussion board
In the earlier 6 months, I have been questioned for this multiple situations. As these types of, I figured I had greater make it come about. Effectively, this is a forum for saying and endorsing your own gatherings. Perhaps you have a custom made clearly show? Maybe you are preparing a race? This is where you can notify the entire world.

Be aware: We nonetheless make it possible for demonstrate dialogue on the most important message boards obviously…

The “What’s It Worth” Forum
A single of the issues that has generally perplexed me are the “What is this worthy of?” threads that we constantly get on the major discussion board. On a person hand, they are usually perceived as an work to skirt the classifieds principles and submit some thing for sale on the primary discussion board. On the other hand, there have been a great deal of moments that I have wondered the worth of a vehicle or part in my own possession and not had an avenue to check with the basic populace.

So, this discussion board is form of a BETA exam to figure out if we are in need to have of a focused avenue for this service.


Also, I am asked really usually about the following edition of the HAMB and when that will be stay. Response? I’m not sure… It’s a heroic undertaking and I’ve been tackling it when I have time. Sooner or later, I will get to the level wherever I am far plenty of alongside to drop every thing and see it by way of to the end. It’s possible in the fall?