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First i4 eDrive40 highway trip (short) mileage / energy usage = 334 miles range

First i4 eDrive40 highway trip (short) mileage / energy usage = 334 miles range


Right after a couple of months of eDrive40 ownership we took the i4 on a (short) trip from Phx metro to Tucson, est. RT ~ 250 mi. Destination was son’s soccer match so we experienced a tricky arrival time and only budgeted about an hour surplus for the unforeseen. A person not-to-be named forgot to charge the vehicle, as a result we essential to demand on the way there. I was curious if the car could make it without the need of stopping, if starting with 100% battery. I was unsure how consumption would be influenced by highway speeds since my only EV practical experience was with my Tesla Model 3 (solitary motor, 200 mi range) and it appeared to substantially take in strength when higher than the 70-75mph assortment. I in no way did it very long more than enough for strong information but all through trips from Phx to San Diego I recognized that selection almost ‘halved’ from 2mi for each 1% to 1 mi for each 1% by observing it around a 10-15 min span (flat hwy).

There is an Electrify The usa about 40 miles from our start so I determined to cost to 100% and observe use from that place forward. Our very first working experience with General public Charging stations (non-Tesla) was Horrible. I’d read through enter from other consumers so maybe no surprise, but this just sucked.

Prevent #1: Electrify The usa: Complete 4 stations, 2 unavailable, 1 in-use.
This was the first time I employed EA and it stopped a couple of minutes soon after beginning (2kW included) with a “Charging session mistake.” I unplugged wondering I required to reset it and the display then confirmed Unavailable. Unsure why it stopped – we tried using ready in the auto with the A/C on, could that have afflicted use?? It was ~ 100 deg F so A/C needed. Edit: A/C performs good throughout charging that was not the difficulty. So now the only station is by now in use. I searched for up coming closest charger and uncovered a single about 4 mi absent.

Cease #2: EVgo: Full 1 station, 1 available. (Now at 38%)
The station had a credit card slot but it didn’t get the job done so I essential to obtain their App and set up an account. Family members uncertain if the A/C had nearly anything to do with the 1st situation so they waited underneath a tree, rather not happy at this point (I want I experienced taken a photograph). We felt our agenda was now at chance so my wife calls the coach hoping he hasn’t passed us however and can end and pickup our son, which he did. An Audi E-Tron pulled up future to me and seemed a bit frustrated there was only 1 station. They go away. Soon after 15 min I recognized it’s only charging at 47 kW and made the decision to abort I defined to my relatives it is as well sluggish and we’d miss out on the game. I designed choice to carry on on the highway towards Tucson and gamble/quit at a different EA about 60 miles closer to spot.

Quit #3: Electrify The us: Full 10 stations, 7 unavailable, 3 in-use. (Now at 30%)
Exact Woman in E-tron is there at 1 of the stations and is signaling to me it does not seem to be functioning for her. A guy in Porsche Taycan seems like he’s about accomplished charging so I question him position and he says he’s acquiring difficulty and tells me only two stations do the job such as the station with E-tron. He hasn’t started out nevertheless, gets discouraged and leaves … his station now states Unavailable. Girl in E-tron isn’t capable to get hers to do the job, moves her vehicle and appears for another station even although the remaining say Unavailable. I come to a decision to give her station a consider … soon after a couple minutes my wife bolts into the Outlet Mall (it is scorching exterior) and it appears to be charging! Woman in E-tron is out of luck making an attempt other stations and leaves all over again. EA Application does not present my automobile is charging but MyBMW Application demonstrates its charging and I can see % heading up so appears good to me .. I go into Shopping mall location looking for spouse. 52 minutes afterwards I’m at 99% (61.2 kWh delivered @ $.43/kWh). Excursion Knowledge RESET

Excursion SUMMARY:
Setting up with 99% Charge I drove to vacation spot and back residence, almost all freeway miles. I had A/C on, held regular velocity about 80 mph (75 mph pace restrict), Eco Professional and Travel manner ‘B’ (and tire strain at goal +/- 1 psi)

  • Total Miles driven = 133.6 mi
  • Overall Battery usage = 40% (started out at 99%, finished at 59%)
  • Avg 4. mi/kWh

I recognize usage is not linear across the selection, having said that I can use this facts to estimate freeway assortment out there: 133.6 mi for every 40% = 3.34 mi / %
–> Total Believed Freeway Range = 334 miles

Next highway trip opportunity I’ll increase speed a bit and keep at 85 mph to see how/if that impacts performance.


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