February 6, 2023

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Citroen AX | Shed of the Week

Cue wobbly visuals and dreamlike incidental new music as you come again with us now to 1986, a time when gear sticks were being wands, tachos were clocks, and plastic actually was pretty plasticky certainly. Occur again to the Citroen AX, the substitution for the Visa, which was a credit card that also doubled up as a really unsightly motor vehicle.ย 

The Visa might have been unappealing, in truth it most surely was, but in GT form it was an complete hoot to generate. Most automobiles are when their major style and design conditions are (1) a sprightly motor and (2) not significantly excess weight. The somewhat significantly less unattractive, nicely quirky AX picked up the Visaโ€™s spindly, crash-crumpled baton and skipped evenly off with it.ย 

As we all know, the 85hp GT, the 95hp Activity or the 100hp/120mph GTi are the variations everybody lusts right after at present, as indeed they did thenadays, but do not waste your time hunting for any of them at wise money. The previous and only AX GTi to surface in this sub-ยฃ1,500 column was back in mid 2015. That a single unsuccessful its test the 12 months soon after Drop wrote about it, presumably on the foundation of terminal rot if the lengthy record of corrosion-primarily based advisories angrily scribbled on the report in 2015 is any guide.ย 

So let us ignore about sporty AXs, an straightforward talk to when even a proletarian 1.1 like our drop can bowl along at almost 100mph thanks to effective aerodynamics specially made to provide the form of economic climate that very poor people today had been demanding then. In any case, who needed the carburetted GTโ€™s -60 time of 9.2secs when you could do it in a much additional calming, scenery-admiring 12 and a bit seconds, floating smoothly alongside on your wispy 66lb ft at 3,200rpm cloud of Gallic torque?

If you are interested in the AX encounter, and you should be, any design will grant you entry into an more and more exceptional club. 1 of the pictures in the advertisement for this one particular suggests โ€˜Hurry! This is our last Citroen AX in inventory!โ€™. It is possibly their to start with one much too tbh. Shed has lengthy since given up trying to fully grasp the mysterious workings of the many โ€˜how many leftโ€™ type web-sites, but if there are additional than a hundred AXs still scuttling about the Uk heโ€™ll strike himself regularly on the head with a stale baguette. As significantly as he can see this may well be the only street-registered AX 11 TGE in Britain. The sellers are calling it a TRE, but the boot badge begs to vary. The TGE is like the TGV but about a thousand mph slower.ย 

Lift the bonnet, which quickly detaches for use as a sledge, to reveal the mighty 1,124cc motor. This is held in location by some clips, a couple of self-tappers and a couple of fragments of white plastic. The new battery that we can see shining brightly in the corner is most likely nearly as hefty as the motor. Matter is, you will hardly ever require a superior battery in 1 of these for the reason that an AX has so few electronic demands, and even if it does go flat, the process of press-starting up a motor vehicle weighing just 675kg is Shedโ€™s favourite, a one particular hand position. Citroen even saved body weight on the steering wheel by executing absent with 50 % of the spokes, a trick they learnt lots of decades in the past with the DS.ย 

Obviously with just 55hp at your command thereโ€™ll be no facial distortion under acceleration, a helpful attribute. Ok, so itโ€™s a five doorway. Folks are sure to complain about that. And itโ€™s bought โ€˜Nouveauโ€™ prepared on it in that sickly-sweet copperplate font so beloved by motorists of a particular age back again then. The rumpled upholstery will make the back seats glimpse like an unmade mattress, but as Lose will inform you from his very own hasty mattress vacating experience, unmade beds are often the comfiest ones.

Of course there has been rust. Some of this was place suitable in 2009/10. Far more was sorted in 2020 when the auto was resurrected right after a six-year layup. Most of the MOTs up to 2014 had been clear passes with barely any mileage accumulated amongst checks. Itโ€™s not been tested considering that that very last move in August 2020, but Get rid of has authorised it for your inspection as the vendors are promising โ€˜a very long MOT prior to saleโ€™. If Shedโ€™s emotion on it is accurate, there shouldnโ€™t be much prior to this sale.