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Exquisite Automotive Blown SMX Powered Drag and Drive Porsche Of Danny Humphreys Blown SMX Powered Drag and Drive Porsche Of Danny Humphreys

All The Horsepower: Watch The 9.8L Whipple Blown SMX Run Drag and Generate Porsche Of Danny Humphreys Make 2,600+ Hp Blown SMX Powered Drag and Drive Porsche Of Danny Humphreys

Envision dwelling in a earth where a road driven car or truck can be outfitted with a 9.8L Whipple blower, vertical injector, extraordinary h2o block SMX engine and make 2,600hp to the wheel on an effortless tune up. Really you do not have to think about it mainly because this is all happening serious time. The Porsche of Danny Humphreys acknowledged as “Super Shark” is primed and completely ready to acquire on the meanest, nastiest, drag and drive devices in the world the previous fashioned way. Type of.

See, the preferred strategy these days is obviously big turbochargers on a big motor. They are helpful to the road driving portion of drag and generate events, make seemingly endless electric power, and because they are “common” the proverbial math has currently been completed on making them work. Thank God for fellas like Humphreys who want to do points their own way. In this case he has this amazing motor with all the blower on it, EFI, and though earning some 2,600hp furthermore on the dyno it really is not commencing to do the job but. As you will hear Steve Morris converse about, they are still major on gas in the higher RPM vary so with much more tweaking, tuning, dyno work, and little by little leaning this detail out, 3,000hp at the wheels is not only sensible, it may be under taking pictures the capability of the combo.

Humphreys was a 10.5 tire racer for several years and like so numerous has been chomped on by the entire mystique of drag and drive. We’re all the improved for it.

Hopefully we see this monster on Drag Week this calendar year. Viewing the car cruise down the highway with the nutty vertical injector will be a second cool more than enough to carry us to gearhead tears. The video clip is great and actually walks as a result of the combo and the tuning method. 10/10 would endorse.

Press perform to see the insane Porsche of Danny Humphreys on the hub dyno – Substantial electrical power at?v=PMUNdZ7pgQY

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