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Automotive Transformation Group launches new omnichannel product

Automotive Transformation Group launches new omnichannel product

Automotive Transformation Group launches new omnichannel productAutomotive Transformation Group has unveiled Fusion, a new omnichannel product.

It said that the suite of products will offer consumers a seamless, personalised experience across multiple channels and will harness the connected power of their NetDirector software, proprietary data, and an array of third-party integrations to deliver a true, end-to-end omnichannel experience.

According to Automotive Transformation Group Business Intelligence, when assessing online payment methods, they found that 86% of online transactions in 2022 were reservations, demonstrating a consumer preference to complete a transaction in-store.

It now places emphasis on the handover between the online and in-store journey.

With Fusion, Automotive Transformation Group customers can host a 24-hour shopfront, manage vehicles, process orders, standardise branding, send personalised upgrade offers and so much more.

Through a fully connected user account and next-generation QR technology, consumers can browse at their own pace, taking their preferences with them from channel to channel, so there is no need to start from scratch.

Chief executive officer, Tim Smith said: “Fusion revolutionises automotive omnichannel retailing. As an industry, we need to provide the most convenient and thrilling consumer experience possible in order to match the emotion and passion that comes with buying a car. Omnichannel should not be a competitive edge. It should be a standard. With Fusion, we raise the bar. This is next-generation technology for the now-generation consumer and it’s ready right here. Right now. No vapourware. No slideware. No smoke and mirrors. This is fully functioning tech which is already delivering stunning results for Retailers and OEMs in various markets.”

Chief revenue officer, Richard Johnston added: “Fusion doesn’t just deliver on omnichannel retailing. Its real-time integrations can generate tangible cost savings and operational efficiency across your business. Its automation capability standardises your brand from vehicle display and data consistency to customer management and quality of interaction.”