February 9, 2023

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3,336-HP Ram Truck Running Over 180 PSI Of Boost Has Its Dyno Straps Terrified

Diesels are greater recognised for their torque than their horsepower outputs, but Zeigler Effectiveness Diesels spat that preconception into the trash very last weekend when its Ram truck recorded an outrageous 3,336 hp (3,382 PS) at the Best Callout Problem in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Not that it specifically arrived up brief on the torque front. The similar dyno pull uncovered the Ram was pushing out an equally insane 3,642 lb-ft (4,938 Nm) of twist action courtesy of a very tuned 6.7-liter Cummins inline-six engine managing an unholy 180+ psi of enhance while a compound turbo setup and a generous shot of nitrous.

In accordance to the Motor Builder internet site, the Ziegler truck was the last of the competing vehicles to be strapped to the dyno, at which position its workforce had 2,621 hp (2,657 PS) and 3,677 (4,958 Nm) to defeat. Ohio-based garage-proprietor Justin Ziegler did not very leading that torque benchmark, but he pulverised the electricity focus on, and smashed the past all-time UCC dyno file of 2,929 hp (2,970 PS) in the process.

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https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=uZOOC4WTGOI

The Ram’s energy shipping is so explosive that the serious motion is condensed into a few of seconds when the Cummins motor begins boosting and the truck does its finest to climb appropriate off the rollers, its brakes visibly glowing orange behind the wheels. Organizers essentially cleared the stands directly adjacent to the dyno to make positive no spectators would be place at danger if just one of the trucks’ engines determined to permit go throughout a pull and scatters its guts all over the crowd, anything that has took place in advance of.

But because the Ultimate Callout Problem is a multi-self-control celebration that also needs vehicles to pull a sled and hammer down a drag strip, we also get to see the ZPD full an eighth-mile dash in only 4.99 seconds at 148.51 mph (239 km/h), and look at a different Dodge truck, nicknamed “Running in the Red”, showing just how to haul the mom of all trailers in this movie from the 1320 Video clip YouTube channel.

As for why you’d want to torture an motor by building it pull all that bodyweight, I guess that comes down to a mischievous human desire to make devices do outrageous items they have been under no circumstances developed to do. If that appears like your cup of diesel and you want to get rid of you in an full hour of footage to find out extra about the 2022 Greatest Callout Problem, verify out the video clip down below.