February 8, 2023

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1963 Shelby Bordinat Cobra Concept

Two thought cars have been constructed by Ford’s styling department on the Cobra chassis in the mid-1960s. The two have been developed by the head of Ford styling at the time, Eugene Bordinat, and 1 was dubbed the ‘Bordinat Cobra’ (a.k.a. the XP Cobra) and other was a coupe named the ‘Cougar II.’ The two of these autos have been never supposed for manufacturing and the true function is not known.

The Bordinat Cobra was powered by a 289 Substantial-General performance motor backed by a C4 automated transmission. Thanks to the minimal hood line, the engine was put back again in the motor bay. The human body was from a new plastic material called Royalex, created by U.S. Royal. It is thought that 3 bodies were being produced, but the whereabouts or existence of the other two are at present not identified.

The Bordinat Cobra has the distinction of being the 1st coil-spring chassis Cobra.

Ultimately, each principles ended up donated to the Henry Ford Museum, which later donated them to the Detroit Historical Culture. Devoid of neither facility acquiring area to publicly display, the cars and trucks had been relocated to a storage warehouse in Detroit, Michigan. They have been positioned in plastic ‘capsule’ bags exactly where they rested among the numerous other considerable vehicles, ready for their opportunity to be rediscovered.

A Shelby enthusiast and retired Ford worker named Jeff Burgy went searching for the autos, and upon obtaining them, requested they be put on screen for the SAAC 29 Conference (The 29th Countrywide Conference of the Shelby American Car Club). The enthusiasm for these vehicles prompted even more outings, and in 2009 they were put on display screen at the Detroit Historical Museums. In 2012, they went on show at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Cobra.

by Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2020