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Which Gazebo – A Gazebo Canopy or Gazebo Garden Structure

Which Gazebo - A Gazebo Canopy or Gazebo Garden Structure
Which Gazebo - A Gazebo Canopy or Gazebo Garden Structure

There is nothing like having your closet friends and relatives over for drinks and nibbles on a gorgeous summer afternoon. However, regular entertainers are only too aware how quickly the weather can change. Too much sun can cause sunburn and heat-stroke, while an afternoon shower means grabbing all the plates and running for the house. If this scenario is all too familiar, you may benefit from purchasing a gazebo canopy or hardtop gazebo.

Purchasing a gazebo can be daunting as there are several different styles on the market. Keep reading to find out the benefits of both gazebo canopies and permanent structures.

It can be a tricky decision to work out which type of Gazebo would be right for your garden, not only do you have to decide if you want a portable gazebo that can be easily brought out when you have a garden event or during the summer months to have up all the time or choose a permanent gazebo garden structure.


Benefits of a Gazebo Canopy

Gazebo canopies generally describe portable gazebos that are made from plastic or vinyl.

A huge advantage of this style of gazebo is that it’s extremely inexpensive when compared to a permanent outdoor gazebo.

Another advantage of a gazebo canopy is that it can be moved. Families who only host semi-regular garden parties may not wish to occupy their limited garden space with a large gazebo all year round. So, when party season is over, they can easily dismantle the gazebo and pack it away for the cooler months.

Being able to shift or dismount the gazebo is also important for families who like to keep their garden up to date and on trend. The gazebo style one selects in 2000 may no longer be as fashionable in 2015. No matter – it can be easily replaced, unlike a permanent structure.

Gazebo canopies, of course, also serve to protect families and guests from the elements. In the warm weather, a vinyl canopy will do fine. However, homeowners in areas with strong winds or fierce storms may want to consider a hardtop gazebo for maximum strength.


Benefits of a Permanent Gazebo

Permanent gazebos are more expensive than their temporary counterparts. However, the price difference can also be seen in the end result. Permanent outdoor gazebos are often far more fashionable and classic, so they don’t date as quickly and make more of a positive statement about the owner’s economic status.

A wooden gazebo or one made of steel or stone will best suit environments where weather conditions are hazardous. Unlike temporary designs, these structures will not be blown away in high winds and also make perfect sturdy structures to sit in and enjoy the sound of the rain in winter. For hot climates, stone gazebos are the best choice, as they block out the most heat.

Permanent gazebos don’t involve any setting up after the initial installation. This can be a great time saver for families that frequently host parties or unexpected guests, as patio gazebos are always ready for entertaining.

To be honest I do like both kinds and if you have a big enough garden they both can serve a purpose, just bring out the gazebo canopy during the summer. There is certainly something lovely about permanent gazebo set up in the garden and they add a sense of magic to the garden, but they can be pricey and you have to sum up just how often it would actually get used.

Whether you select a gazebo kit and assemble your own temporary gazebo canopy or you decide to live large and have a permanent stone or wooden gazebo installed, you’ll quickly find that outdoor entertaining has never been simpler or more enjoyable.

What are you waiting for? Shop for your perfect gazebo today and have it installed in time for summer.

Photo source: Thanks to Corey Butler

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