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Which Are The Top Five Best Screen Tents Out There To Buy

Now we shall take a look at screen tents and which are the best on the market. A screen tent is great to take away with you to any outdoor event or camping trip. They come in so handy for so many things, storing things, a place to shelter, somewhere to shade from the sun, somewhere to eat, somewhere to sleep, a place to change, somewhere for a baby to rest, a screen house for the dogs to sleep.

As you can see there are lots of things you can do with a screen house tent, basically having something that backs away easily and is light to carry around is what we are ideally looking for and of course it must be able to stand up to the odd heavy shower and is durable to last us a good few years.

So when out buying a screen tent you want to consider how many people are going to be using it as they do come in various sizes, some are small to be more portable whilst others are ideal for maybe getting a table in and having a meal sat down. Also do you want it to be totally weatherproof or just be able to cope with a light shower, do you need curtain sides that can be pulled up on extra hot days and used more as a screen shelter, and these are the questions you want to be asking yourself.

Also what will you need to use your screen house tent for? Are you wanting to host some parties in your garden, is travelling with it on camping trips going to be your main use, outdoor events were having your own screen house would really come in handy, maybe a business function trade show when you can set up a little show area inside one to showcase your product or service.

Mainly all screen tents are easy to set up, obviously some easier than others but all the ones we have listed below are set up within a few minutes and easy to do with a couple of you working together.

When it comes to fabrics of your screen tent I recommend getting one with a 150D canopy that is going to offer excellent SPF 50+ UV protection against the harmful sun’s rays. You will see lots of screen houses that only have 75D polyester but I think it’s worth the extra cost of getting a heavy-duty one. It may be slightly heavier than one with a lighter fabric though so bear that in mind.

Another handy feature of a screen tent can be they have a removable floor or come without an attached floor like you get on traditional tents; this enables you to use it over a fixed bench and tables in a picnic area. So you have to think which type you would desire and would suit your needs the most, have a shop about maybe first and look what’s on offer.

It’s worth noting too, that a screen tent is also a great place to sit outside in on a summer’s night having a few drinks and a chat with friend, away from the bugs and in the nice cool air, Coleman do a great set of lights too that you can place around your screen tent here that you may want to check out.

Below we have listed our Top Five screen tent buys that I think you will find will guarantee you value for money and will certainly come in really handy for keeping out of the sun but enjoying still being outside.


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