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What Are the Best Garden Games for a Garden Party?

What Are the Best Garden Games for a Garden Party
What Are the Best Garden Games for a Garden Party

Are you considering hosting a garden party? If you’ve never done so before, it can be a bit daunting to plan the festivities! How do you take the number of guests, the weather, and the entertainment into account? While it’s easy to plan a menu and ensure you’re your guests RSVP, it’s quite a different task to tackle the entertainment. How do you make sure that you have all the proper equipment to host the event? But it isn’t as difficult as you think. With a little bit of planning, you’ll be able to throw a party to remember. Let’s review the best garden games for your next garden party!


Cornhole Game Sets and Other Lawn Games

Always a classic, cornhole game sets are a safe choice to make when considering outdoor entertainment. They’re simple to set up and they’re cheap investments. Cornhole games can be played by anyone, young or old – making them perfect for parties where you have guests of varying physical capabilities. They’re safe for children because the game’s parts are generally soft cloth filled with beans or other lightweight materials; they’re also easy to clean since they have no moving parts.

Other garden games that are appropriate for kids and young adults include ring toss sets, Frisbees and flying discs, or a limbo game. Limbo games are generally not ideal for older adults, but if your party is largely younger people, a limbo game is a great investment. Like most games for the garden, limbo sets are easy to install and dismantle, and they’re simple to clean after the festivities are over.


Preparing for the Weather with a Canopy Tent

It’s important to consider the time of day you’re hosting your party. If you’re hosting on a hot afternoon, invest in a canopy tent to keep guests cool. If the weather calls for light rain, be sure to set up some kind of respite from the moisture. There are a number of ways you can do this – canopies, tarps, open porches, or awnings. No matter how you choose to do it, your guests will appreciate the extra effort you put into keeping them comfortable and happy. You’ll be asked to host another party in no time!

If you have games such as bouncy houses, volleyball, or sack racing, make sure you have plenty of room set aside to play comfortably. Trim your grass before the party help guests feel like they’re playing on a professional gaming course.

Over the past few years garden games have become very popular with more and more toy and games manufacturers developing specifically for the garden. Giant games especially are huge now a days, obviously not actually made for giants or people over 8ft but just board games like ludo and chess and games like Jenga,Connect4, Skittles and croquet. These games are exactly the same but made with huge boards and pieces so you don’t lose them on the grass and makes them much more fun to play with more people.

There are also lots of sport games that are made for the garden and back yard like basketball, golf, tennis, baseball and badminton. Or maybe your guests could join in a game of limbo and see who the most flexible out of you is. Just look around Amazon for example on their Sports and Outdoor Play section, there are heaps of choices to choose from to have a great garden party and get everyone having fun.

With a little bit of planning, you’ll be able to host a garden party with the very best garden games available. Most games are affordable, easy to set up and take down, and simple to clean if they get dirty. Consider the weather when planning your party so you can be prepared for the best as well as the worst. Remember to pick games that are accessible to all of your guests – take age and physical ability into consideration. But most of all, be sure to have fun!

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