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What Are The Best Forms Of Outdoor Heating – Firepits, Patio Heaters Or Outdoor Fire

What Are The Best Forms Of Outdoor Heating – Firepits, Patio Heaters Or Outdoor Fire
What Are The Best Forms Of Outdoor Heating – Firepits, Patio Heaters Or Outdoor Fire

There is nothing like the flickering glow of outdoor fire while guests gaze reflectively, sip drinks, and share musings. Outdoor entertaining is naturally relaxing, and guests will be glad to receive another invitation. When night time brings on cooler temperatures, outdoor entertaining is comfortable and cozy with outdoor heating. From natural flames to electric heaters there are myriad choices.


Outside Firepits

An outdoor fire pit is the ultimate in ambiance. As a centerpiece for guest seating, outside firepits are natural conversation starters and naturally relaxing. Firepits can be wood burning, propane gas burning, and natural gas burning. Design choices range from freestanding bowls and burners, to beautiful stone and rock built-ins, to anything in between. A gas outdoor fire pit produces an even heat that does not require tending. A favorite of the outside firepits is The Colorado Octagonal Natural Gas Fire Pit from Firescapes. It is made with different sized river stones in cream, brown, and gray with gray mortar. For excellent outdoor heating, it puts out 65000 BTUS.


Patio Electric Heaters

There are visually attractive options for electric patio heaters. Using Dad’s old workshop floor heater is not necessary! The AZ Patio Heater Electric Parasol Heater is functional and subtle. Designed for use with umbrellas, it can be suspended anywhere and folds up when not in use. It is very affordable and is constructed of stainless steel. Outdoor heating is easy with the temperature control function.


Outdoor Fire Table

A big style trend in outdoor heating is the outdoor fire table. The romance of real flame plus style choices will add to any patio. The Blue Rhino Uniflame Propane Fire Pit Table has a decorative tile mantel that stands out from the rest, and is in the moderate price range. The firebowl is constructed from porcelain steel. Features include a 40,000 BTU cast iron burner, hidden control panel, and protective cover.


Patio Table Heaters

Patio table heaters do the job without the size and hassle of freestanding outdoor heating appliances. Prices are affordable and looks are attractive, especially for the Hiland Black & Stainless Steel Table Top Patio Heater. It is well constructed of steel with a gold hammered finish and is very weather proof. It runs on propane fuel. A nice bonus with this item is the year warranty.


Freestanding Patio Heaters

If you want outdoor heating with ambiance this is a good option. For style and heat go with the Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater. It has 41,000 BTUS and the hammered bronze finish enhances patio décor. Features include an electronic igniter, and safety auto shut off tilt valve. Guests will gaze at the flickering flame while finding warmth from the night chill.


An Outdoor Fire Place

For modern living, the smartest place to have a fire place is outdoors, and for outdoor entertainers, an outdoor fire place will naturally attract guests. With an unusual globe design and full enclosure for safety, the Landmann USA Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace is the only one of its kind.


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