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The Perfect Garden Party With A Canopy Tent

The Perfect Garden Party With A Canopy Tent
The Perfect Garden Party With A Canopy Tent

There’s nothing quite like throwing an outdoor garden party to celebrate a graduation, birthday or holiday, or simply to spend quality time with friends and family. This style of party is very popular and, fortunately for you, quite simple to pull off.

By combining the natural beauty of the outdoors with a few modern conveniences, you can easily create an atmosphere that is both relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. There are many different types of garden parties that can suit any style preference, but all of the best ones do have a few things in common.


Party Basics

To get started, the first thing you need is a tasteful space to hold your party. This space can be a backyard, courtyard, field, picnic area or even the patio area of a local restaurant; it just needs to be outdoors. The space does not need to be too big, but it should be large enough for all of your guests to move around comfortably. You should also provide plenty of seating.

The second thing you need is alternate plans in case it rains. Some people reserve a secondary indoor location to deal with inclement weather. However, another popular idea is to set up a canopy tent. Canopy tents allow your guests to enjoy the party in a beautiful outdoor location, regardless of the weather.

A canopy tent provides your party with shade, protection from wind, and an attractive central gathering space. Tents of varying sizes and colors are available for rent or purchase. A tent can even complement your party’s decor, if you would like.


Party Themes

Once rented or purchased, party tents can be customized to decorate just about any party space. Here are two very different (but equally fun) ways you can customize your canopy tent to create a fun time for all.

One way to customize your canopy tent is to hold a garden tea party. A home garden party should be decorated with plenty of flowers, floral patterns and pastel colors. Some menu ideas include fruit punch, tea and bite-sized snacks such as muffins and finger sandwiches. Other decoration ideas for a garden party include classical music and name plates personalized in calligraphy.

Another way to customize your tent is to throw a backyard party. This type of party is less formal than a tea party and works well for guests of all ages. It should be decorated with bright, cheerful colors and a laid back feel. Some great menu options for this type of party include burgers, grilled vegetables and potato chips with dip. You should also include a selection of backyard games, such as horseshoes or crochet, especially if children are attending.

No matter what theme you decide to use, an outdoor party is a great way to bring together friends of all ages in a relaxed outdoor setting. Investing in a canopy tent will ensure that your party is a success, rain or shine.


Party Guests

Of course when you are planning for a garden party then it’s best to have in mind how many people exactly will be coming along to the party. There is nothing worse than a gate crashed party lol when people who you hardly know or have never met start piling in and you are left with not enough room and nowhere near enough food and drink for everyone.

So having a number of guests beforehand can help you work out what food and drink quantities you will be needing and seating arrangements if you are going to sit down and eat.


Party Tents

Having the party tent for your guests to mingle and chat under is a great addition to any do I always think. Not only is it great for the weather, if that means your guests won’t be going home with sun stroke or just having somewhere to pile under if a unexpected shower occurs. But what I think that they more importantly bring to a garden party and that is they add that special essence and spirit to a party, certainly something that you always picture when thinking of a garden party and that’s a tent. A garden party without the tent does seem to be missing some of the magic I’ve always felt.

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