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The Great Things About Owning A Screen Tent

The Great Things About Owning A Screen Tent
The Great Things About Owning A Screen Tent

Everything tastes better in the great outdoors, from fried hot dogs to eggs benedict. Slapping at mosquitos and waving flies from food is the downside of the untamed outdoors. Two things to think about with insect bites are the risk of disease transmission and the itching and discomfort that can persist for days. Getting a screen tent gives multi-purpose protection from the sun’s rays and from bug bites.


A Screen Tent Or A Canopy Tent

A canopy tent gives you an overhead covering, which protects from the sun and mild rain. UV blocking fabrics are widely used. A screen tent has the added benefit of keeping out pestering insects, which can ruin an idyllic outdoor gathering. Adding a screen that fits the canopy tent gives you a screen canopy with the best of both worlds. A screen tent works for all occasions – it can be a party tent, a picnic tent, a food tent. The best thing about a screen tent is that it looks nice along while being practical. When looking at Gazebo kits make sure that they are compatible with a screen kit or come with a screen. A gazebo canopy without a screen is not much use during mosquito season or during meal preparation. The ease of modifying gazebo kits and adding screens, plus the affordability, are pluses over buying or constructing permanent gazebo structures.


Using a Pop-Up Screen Tent

Pop-up tents are handy for beach days, park days and parties because they set up fast and don’t need assembly. A 10 x 10 pop up canopy is an all purpose shelter and cost wise purchase, because it works for so many occasions – backyard gatherings, park picnics and camping.  Some pop-up tents come with stakes and tie downs, or weighted sand bags. If it is not secured on a gusty day, the tent can be lost forever.  Just a thought at night, having any kind of light is like a magnet to insects. A lighted screen tent is great for card games, parties, and meals, without the hassle of insect spray or citron candles. It is luxurious to hear the crickets without the buzz of mosquitos.


Backyard Camping With a Screen Tent

In mild or warm weather, treat the kids to backyard camping with a screen tent. The transparency of a screen versus solid material is great for letting moonlight in and visiting with other nearby campers. Kids naturally love the outdoors. Even child development experts recommend that children need to experience nature for a healthy life. A screen tent saves money and energy on hot days, since it lets the air in and keeps the sun out. It is a nice spot for a peaceful daytime nap, for reading a book, or using a wireless device. An ice cold pitcher of lemonade or ice tea with healthy snacks and you’ve got it made in the shade. Impromptu road trips are simply not compatible with jobs and commitments. With a screen tent, a spontaneous park or backyard picnic is just minutes away.

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