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Stay In The Shade – The Best Patio Umbrellas

If you are entertaining quite often and you would like to be outside more but don’t want your family or friends to overheat when the sun is too powerful, then you might want to consider getting an umbrella for your patio area. Patio umbrellas or market umbrella as they are sometimes called can provide a great needed shade from the sun’s rays and even the odd shower if caught outside, they allow you to enjoy the weather and be outside but make the time much more pleasurable when not having the sun beating down on you and giving you sun stroke.

They come in very well at family events and barbecues or tea parties in the garden, somewhere to just sit under and get an escape from the sun when you are eating out. There is nothing better than having a meal outside with the family or some of your friends over and the sun can be such a huge nuisance when it is the mid day sun and it’s beating down on you and preventing you fully enjoying the meal.

You want a large patio umbrella, something that is going to give a good shaded area with around 8-12ft being the ones I’d opt for. Look to see if it’s also water-repellent as you can quite easily be caught outside when along come some showers. So if you have brought out food, drinks and have everything set up on the patio table then at least you won’t have to rush everything and everyone indoors.

Some of the cheaper patio umbrellas won’t be very well protected for heavy rain its worth bearing in mind and also won’t have as good UV protection than those with a more expensive fabric that can offer you maximum sun protection. It is important to do your research before you buy and see just what protection the patio umbrella does offer you.

You also want to be buying one that is not easily going to blow over or away if you have a tropical storm or have a really windy day.

What do you need to do to clean the patio umbrella?

I recommend that you regularly keep your fabric of your patio umbrella looking its best by brushing off any dirt that can soon amount up, especially on windy days and in the cooler weather seasons. So give it a good brush off regular to prevent dirt becoming embedded into the fabric. Also every now and again I advise using a mild soap and water solution and just literally sponging it down and allowing the cleaning solution to penetrate the fabric somewhat to give it a nice clean, then just rinse it all off with water again and allow the fresh air to dry it off.

So with the sun’s rays being as harmful as they are I think it’s worth investing in a quality make and design, something that is going to give you the best sun protection and allow you to spend many a hot sunny day enjoying the outside garden area of your property for many years to come.

Some companies do offer a warranty also against fading, so I’d look into that also. After a while some of the cheaper patio umbrellas will start to fade, being out in really hot climates during the summer months you will tend to see this more often so look to see if they offer you any additional fading  warranty when you buy.

They come in various sizes and colors so you will have to shop around to see which ones would suit your tastes and needs. Below though we have listed our fav picks.


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