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So What Type Of Garden Tent Do I Go For?

So What Type Of Garden Tent Do I Go For?
So What Type Of Garden Tent Do I Go For?

Summertime and being outdoors go hand in hand. Especially for homeowners who get to own a piece of the outdoors. A garden tent makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors without overexposure to the sun. Depending on the activity and purpose, there is a variety of garden tent.


Patio Design and Shade

A patio with a garden tent combines outdoor fun with indoor protection. Get more style from a garden tent by coordinating the patio furniture with a theme that matches the locale. Fish netting, bright colored canvas chairs and sea shells work great for the coast. Earth tone colors, rocks, and woven baskets work well with a Southwestern theme in a dessert setting. Simple wood furniture works for a country theme. A common denominator is the need for shade. In certain climates, it is unthinkable to entertain outdoors without sun protection. Sun awnings give the most coverage for larger surface areas. Retractable awnings work well for locales where the sun is not fierce all of the time. Sun awnings that attach to the home are larger and sturdier than tent awnings. Most likely, a tent awning is best for occasional use because it sets up and takes down quickly. The shade sail is the latest in sun protection. The shape and colors is modern, original and eye catching.  Of course umbrellas for a patio are the standard in UV protection. Getting umbrellas for patio use included in patio furniture set is economical. Remember to match the sturdiness of the umbrella stand to the wind exposure of the patio. Umbrellas for the patio are available with built in lighting. Of course, the shapes, dimensions and colors selections are huge, so don’t be afraid to buy patio umbrellas separately. Having a garden tent is the best way to enjoy the outdoors without over exposure. Setting up a screen tent will also keep the insects at bay. It is a great way to save energy and money spent on air conditioning, because it allows the fresh air in while keeping the bugs out. Hang out with a book and a pitcher of iced tea. You can’t beat it.


Cultivating Plants with A Grow Tent Kit versus A Greenhouse Tent

Aficionados of hyproponics and other indoor growing mediums can buy a ready-made grow tent kit for growing healthy herbs and vegetables without natural sunlight. A Grow Tent Kit is very different from a greenhouse tent, which is designed for outdoor usage. The grow tent kit is constructed of light proof and air tight material. It is made for use with artificial lights and optimally has vents that work with fans. Check whether the materials are PVC free for healthy growing. A greenhouse tent is set up outdoors and keeps warmth and moisture in to facilitate plant growth, especially in cold climates. Adequate ventilation is also allowed. A greenhouse tent protects fragile seedlings from birds, harsh elements, and other threats. It can also facilitate the propagation of large, full grown plants.

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