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Retractable Awnings – Some Shade From The House

Getting a retractable awning also is a great solution to bring a practical and attractive solution to shade yourself from the sun when relaxing out on the patio, whilst also bringing even greater benefits by protected your house too from too much sun and keeping the home generally cooler as the sun never gets to penetrate the windows too much which creates lots of heat into the house on already warm days.

They come either being motorized which can be very expensive in my eyes and really not necessary when a manual one is equally as good and doesn’t take much effort to operate. They are cheaper to run also as they don’t require electricity either. So I would recommend having a look around first and seeing what would best suit your house and situation the best. I don’t think you can go wrong with a Aleko one that easily opens out in less than a minute just turning a few times a little handle crank. Maybe a motorized one would be a better option for people with bad wrists,  but in general non-motorized ones are made not to be a struggle to wind in and take out, you just need the use of both arms.

Here is a video of how fast they can be taken out and then wound back in again, all done in 2 minutes. Please bear in mind this is a video of a 5ftby 3.5ft one so only comes out 3.5ft though.





How far does the awning come out then, what coverage will it give me?

Well they do vary on what sizes they are but as you can see in the video this one comes out a full 3.5ft and is 5ft long, the one we have included as the best buy below is twice the size and perfect for most people’s needs, of course look around and measure your property and see what size is best going to suit you and cater to your needs. I found that Aleko do a great range and are very reasonably priced for what you get with not going too expensive as they go up in sizes.

How durable are the awnings?

Sure when coming to purchase one of these you have to of given it a lot of thought as it’s an investment but it’s also adding value to your property too and giving it style, as well as a great way to enjoy the weather outside and inside as it shades your home. Only the best materials are used with weather protection being paramount and rust free stainless steel components, they are specially designed to protect a home from the harsh elements of the weather.

So lastly providing a great cover from the mid-day sun and heat to your home and keeping a nice shaded area for you to relax outside on a patio, next to a pool, next to a garage even. They are great affordable solution and will be a good solid investment for your property.

A word of warning though, if you are going to opt for a motorized awning, please seek a professional to install it properly, poor installation or workmanship can leave you with a maintenance headache for the future that you could properly do without, so spending a little more on getting it right first time will be worthwhile.


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