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How About A Sun Tent For The Beach

Now a sunny day at the beach is damn near a perfect day out for me but if it’s an extra hot one then the sun can be a little too much, especially out in the mid day sun and with young children too sometimes it can all become just too hot and unbearable, with no escape other than plaster yourself more and more with sun lotion. When I was growing up I used to adore going to the beach with my family and I grow up in the UK so it was never much of a huge problem, but there used to be some scorching summers back then but there wasn’t anything like a beach tent to shelter in. But since living in America and experiencing the great American weather, I have found what a huge and essential part of one’s beach accessories a beach tent really is.

Most beach tents can be popped up in next to no time and are also great to mark out your own beach pitch when you arrive to the beach early in the morning, beaches on nice days very soon get very crowded and finding an ideal place can be difficult when there are few places left to pitch your stuff. To arrive as one of the early birds and pitch up your tent in a perfect place is ideal. A beach tent hardly weighs anything at around 10 pounds and within a couple of minutes you can be all set up.

What other uses does a beach tent have?

Well of course the obvious one is a shade to protect you from the sun and a place to cool down a while. It’s also a great place to put any food and drinks cool boxes etc in the shade and out of the full sun rays. Most beach tents come with a zip enclosure to zip them up so you can do your changing perhaps inside and protect your modesty without having to do a quick change in front of people in your towel. If you have young children they are just essential I’ve found as most beach tents are designed with children in mind actually and have even side pockets on the tents to put in a few toys and baby products. Bugs too can be annoying at beaches so some sort of  escape shelter away from the flies can also be a great relief.

Many beach tents are also built for sun protection and keeping safe from the sun, we all know is paramount to enjoying the beach these days but also looking after the whole of the family’s health. Most are manufactured with built-in UV protection and great ventilation and panelled doors, mesh widows and Velcro fastening straps. For young babies and toddlers, sun protection is so important and having an area on the beach for baby or young children to sit in the shade is perfect, so the whole family can enjoy the beach and not have to worry so much about baby getting sun burnt.

There is quite a few beach tents on the market and we rounded up the best buys for you and chose some top choices, there should definitely be a tent to suit your needs but have a shop around and see what might work best for you, maybe you have a large family and are looking for something more larger to cater for the family members.

Enough about the sun, what happens if the weather goes the opposite way?

Yeah it happens doesn’t it, the clouds form and darkness looms over, with the rain potential increasing by the second, so a beach tent can be a great little rain shelter too for those persistent showers that can soon pass but are annoying and could save your stuff and you getting a total soaking.

Also some tents come with sand pockets that can be filled with your own products, small rocks or of course sand like the name suggests, these are really useful for keeping your tent nicely secured on the sand on those windy days. There would be nothing worse than having your shelter and belonging blowing away all over the beach with you and family trying to chase them, I’m sure you could vision this and the embarrassment as you go jumping over and into people to try to retrieve your tent.

So yeah they are great and can purchased for around $50 – $80 for a quality UV protected one that will last you for many great vacations, road trips, day events, beaches, picnics, anywhere basically you want to get some protection from the sun and keep things in the shade.

Finally, you need to start shopping around of course to find an ideal solution for your needs and see what’s out there but we totally recommend looking at the five featured below first and see if they might be what you are after and within your budget.


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