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Canopy Wedding Tents – Are You Looking For A Tent For A Wedding

Canopy Wedding Tents - Are You Looking For A Tent For A Wedding
Canopy Wedding Tents - Are You Looking For A Tent For A Wedding

When buying a tent for a wedding remember that it is one item that will endure along with the marriage, be worth the cost, and have continuing use. Whether to buy or rent a tent for a wedding might depend on the number of guests, the wedding tent purpose, or the number of tents. Bear in mind that buying a tent for a wedding will be one expense that is not a short lived, one time use item. Garden party tents are a staple of outdoor entertaining. There are so many perennial occasions for party tents; anniversaries, family reunions, and children’s parties.  Buying a tent for a wedding instead of renting means there is no contract to sign, and no extra charges to negotiate.


Choosing a Tent for a Wedding

There are different uses for a tent for a wedding. Depending on the weather or time of day a wedding party tent may or may not require sidewalls. Practicality may be the last thing in mind when planning a wedding, but remember that fire resistance and UV ray protection are canopy tent features. A big party tent can shelter the dance floor or dining tables. While some might opt for a wedding in tent ceremony, others will opt for a tent for wedding reception or buffet line. What is meant by a wedding tent can mean a canopy tent, a push pull tent, or an A-frame. Canopy tents are the most popular wedding tents. A canopy party tent can shelter food preparation and buffet tables. It protects from mild elements of nature. To a creative decorator, a blank tent is like a blank canvas is to a painter. Garlands, fabric, or ribbons wrap easily around wedding tent poles. String lights or hanging lanterns set a romantic mood. Frame design and fabric schemes can be matched to designer themes and to budgets.


Different Styles for Different Folks

Elaborately staging a big party tent around a hotel pool is very memorable, and romantic. The luxury of an expensive hotel is the perfect backdrop for the most special of days. A backyard tent wedding has the advantage of simplicity, comfort and affordability. Mom and dad’s backyard might be small; there is always room for decoration. Setting the mood is easy with colored lanterns, string lights, candles, and flowers. Outdoor weddings are popular because nothing compares to nature when it comes to romance. A wedding ceremony can be solemn, religious, lighthearted, or impromptu. Any style is complemented by the serenade of birds, the rustle of leaves, the dark and light of shifting clouds. More than one couple have included their dog in an outdoor wedding. Free spirited couples have barefoot beach ceremonies. One caveat for an outdoor wedding is to plan for rain whether you expect it or not – your guests will appreciate it. Remember that rain at a wedding is good luck. If anything is certain, having an outdoor tent wedding never goes out of style.


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