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Camping Out In The Backyard – Why Most Kids Love Garden Camping

Camping Out In The Backyard – Why Most Kids Love Garden Camping
Camping Out In The Backyard – Why Most Kids Love Garden Camping

Garden camping offers kids and parents the best of both worlds – adventure and indoor plumbing. Kids love flashlights and smores and what better excuse than to get a tent for the garden. Avoiding summertime boredom does not have to be expensive or involve long trips. The gift of imagination lets children transform a backyard camp-out into an Amazon expedition or an Arctic hunting trip. A telescope or even a good pair of binoculars and a sky chart can help children learn the star constellations. A library book or on I-Pad or laptop computer for identifying bird species can help early rising bird watchers. Living in an age of constant connectedness, why not give kids a timeout from technology? Staring at LCD screens does not promote spontaneity and interaction.


Bedtime Stories Are better Outside

Telling a story is a good way for kids and adults to share. For practice at listening, try the Native American talking stick tradition – the talking stick is passed from person to person, and only the person holding the stick can speak at one time. A glow stick is a great fill-in for a talking stick.   Singing songs, beating hand drums, and strumming a guitar are great accompaniments to the outdoors. Another suggestion is to ignore all of the above activities. Kids will naturally find ways to have fun outdoors. Being connected to the natural world and having free time is nourishing to children. Getting to stay up late and sleep outdoors to the serenade of crickets lets kids have a mini-vacation and appreciate the gift of nature.


Buying a Kids Tent

A garden tent can also be a real tent when it is time for real from home camping. For extremes in temperature, even the best kids’ tent may not hold up. Keep in mind that some kids’ playtime tents may not hold up under any outdoor conditions. Buying a cheap children’s tent will not save money when a second tent is needed for the outdoors. Remember that candles should never be used in or near tents. For extra safety, check whether the tent material is flame retardant. A good tent for backyard camping is the Pacific Play Tents Me Too Play Tent. The sturdy nylon material is easily cleaned and durable. The cheerful primary colors are great for children. Shock corded poles are easy to assemble. Best of all, from $29.97 it is very affordable. A benefit to having an indoor/outdoor tent is for the novelty factor – a child who resists bedtime or naps can be enticed to rest in a tent. Tent doorways and panels are a natural for hide and seek games for young children. Children’s tents can be pup tents or domed. Letting kids share a domed tent with their friends for talking and staying up late is a treat. Some children’s tents have a sleeping bag included. When it comes time for real camping, sharing an adult tent with the family is often the safest and easiest alternative. But the most exciting camp-out might be their first one, in the backyard.

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