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Best Sun Shade Sail – Great Garden Shade Solutions

A great solution to protect and bring some nice shade to your patio, backyard or outdoor area is to consider buying a sun shade sail. With the suns strong and harmful UV radiation rays it can restrict you sometimes from having too long in your garden and appreciating the nice weather when it is here. Having a chic shade sail to block out some of the sun’s rays to protect and cover your patio and allow you to enjoy your garden or backyard and perhaps entertain some guests. With their floating and curvaceous appearance they can enhance lots of outdoor areas and really give your property some artistic elegance.

Are they fully UV protected then, how long will they last?

Yes they do now come fully UV protected, originally the material that was used for many sails did suffer like many fabrics from UV degradation. But now most manufacturers and certainly the popular ones like Coolaroo MTN Outdoorgear have put in added UV inhibitors when they are made and generally most of these come with a multi-year UV degradation warranty. The are made from a special knitted fabric that is really stretchy and used to create 3D shapes and can be manipulated to cover areas that you desire to keep in the shade. It is a high density polyethylene material that is extremely durable and is mold and mildew resistant so it will last you a good few years and hopefully see you through many a good summer.

You can buy them also in PVC but they tend to be more expensive and to be honest the knitted fabric ones are just as good I’ve found.

They also come in a variety of shapes and colors too and they can really make a statement in your garden, so choosing the right one for you is an important decision. Have a good look through the many color options and find one that is going to suit your property the best. As I say they can be very decorative and a affordable way of bringing some well needed shade to your property in the sweltering hot summer months, some of them also provide protection from the rain too, so are waterproof and will shelter you in a light shower.

How easy are they to set up, is it hassle free?

They can be easily attached to the home, garage, fence posts, patio columns, trees etc, so they can be quickly put up with the least bit of effort. Totally versatile and you can even buy separate posts like the one listed below that can come in great for a corner of the sail that you may not have anything to attach it to, very handy for some people I’m sure as not all properties have something suitable at every corner.

Sun sails are riddled with history as they date back to ancient Roman times when the sailors would land on a beach and would use a sail to shade from the sun and get themselves cooled down after days of sailing in the hot blazing sun. Sailors used to hoist up the huge sails from the boat on to static fixtures and they then provided a great canvas roof to protect them and even used for sleeping under them. Also sails where commonly used at the coliseum to protect the spectators from the powerful sun’s rays.


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