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Best Party Tent Wedding Canopy – Which To Choose

On to weddings and party tents now and what is actually available to people with a large garden or want one for a club or annual social event. Lots of people hire out huge tents for weddings and big party events but there is now some big demand for purchasing big canopy tents that go up to 40′ feet long and 20′ feet wide and can be purchased for not much more than some companies hire them out for. Sure it’s an investment, but can save you lots if you have regular parties. They can be great to own for hosting your own garden parties, community events and sport shows.

Are they useful for Weddings too?

Yes they can be great to have for using for weddings receptions or after wedding party in the evening. Many weddings are planned to hold lots of people in the larger marquee tents but for smaller wedding events of around 50-100 guests they can be ideal. They can also be great as an extra tent to allow for more guests alongside a hired marquee. In the warmer months having a wedding in a canopy tent outside is a great idea and can help so much in keeping down spiralling wedding costs that would occur if you had to hire out a large function room for the reception or after party.

Big canopy tents also at weddings can prove to be a great blank canvas for the creative mind, you can really create a great and lasting effect with using decorations all around your large canopy tent. Through decoration you can create that romantic atmosphere to make your grand celebration that much more special, making the event much more memorable for you and your guests but also a nicely decorated tent can have a huge bonus to making some great photographs of the event.

Which size to go for then, what would be right for me?

Well it all very much depends on your space and what sort of parties you are going to be holding, you will find out there are some amazing prices for large canopy tents that won’t blow the bank and be a great size for lots of special events you want to hold. The quality tents we took a look at ranged from being 20′ x 20′ or 22′ x 16′ in size (that can hold up to 50 people) they are normally priced around the $400 mark and ideal for large family parties or maybe go even bigger and get a 40′ x 20′ size (holds up to 80 people) at around the $800 mark.

Its great being outside and enjoying some sunshine at a party but no one can predict the weather and if an event has been planned well in advanced on a set date sometimes you just have to accept that you are going to have some rain, and you could end up with  a bunch of wet party guests, not good I know. No one enjoys getting dressed up for a special event and getting a good soaking on, so having somewhere for your guests to shelter and carry on the party is certainly a huge plus point and make the party more memorable if it doesn’t have to end abruptly because of the weather. It’s not always practical to have all your guests move on into the house with the space issues so having that shelter can be a huge blessing, that’s for sure.

How waterproof are these things then?

The tents that we looked at are all designed to be 100% waterproof, with tents of the past they were designed to withstand a few light showers and generally couldn’t withstand much more but manufacturers now of wedding and large canopy tents import only the best materials to insure the tents are fully waterproof in the event of a real downpour. They also now use rust and corrosion resistant powder coated steel framework to allow your tent to be useable for many years to come.

Are there any downsides to owning one of these?

Well there’s the initial cost to consider first, yeah they are cheap-ish and mostly a lot less expensive than most people think they are for a really good quality tent, but you want to consider if you only have a party once in a blue moon if it would be worth it and whether simply hiring one would be a better option. Also these things are quick and easy to put up but you will not be able to do it on your own and I recommend at least 4 to 6 people to quickly put up the tent with the least amount of hassle.

Lastly another great feature on most of the canopy tents we looked at was that they come with removable side too, great for the summer, to let some air flow, all this makes them not only great for sheltering from the rain and wind but also ideal for some sun shelter, so you can enjoy your party and keep your guests happy with somewhere they can chat and shade from the sun.

If you have lots of parties or you like the sound of having more and don’t want the hassle of hiring a tent, then they can be a great investment and you can of course either hire it out to people or lend it to friends, you would soon become very popular and the person to go to when people are having a party or event.


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